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Most Small Businesses Don't Work

(and what you can do about it)

Most entrepreneurs I know are like me. We start out in the business world with a burning passion for success on your own terms. A heartfelt desire to shape our own future, with a freedom and creativity that’s just not available to people in the 9-5 world. To be your own boss, to map out your own plan and go for it with all your might!

Yet the reality is that 56 percent of new businesses do not survive at least four years and many entrepreneurs that do survive end up on a treadmill. They work 60+ hour workweeks and can’t take much time off because without them, there would be no income.

With to-do lists growing rapidly and plummeting energy levels, entrepreneurs work harder but find it increasingly difficult to produce results.

If you're like most entrepreneurs, you're really good at what you do and that's why you went into business. But there's a lot more to being successful in business than delivering a great service or product.

Ever wonder how some entrepreneurs achieve success with ease while others struggle and are constantly overwhelmed? In the E-Myth by Michael Gerber, he explains that most people who start businesses don't have the Entrepreneurial Perspective. They ask "What work has to be done?" instead of "How must the business work?"

Business owners with the Entrepreneurial Perspective know that they must prepare themselves and their business for growth – that they have no other choice, if they want their business to thrive. They see a connection between where the business is now and where it is going so they spend most of their time working ON their business instead of IN it.

Your Small Business Works When:

  • You apply the principle of leverage to get more done with less effort
  • You work only on the activities that you enjoy and do best and have a reliable virtual team to do everything else
  • You have a turn-key operation that delivers the profits and freedom you deserve
  • You have plenty of time to serve your clients and the time you need to develop new services or products
  • Your business continues to grow and you can handle it
  • You can enjoy your time off without worrying because you have systems that run your business
  • You have marketing systems in place that continually generates revenue, attracts new clients, referrals and repeat business.


If You Have a Vision (Know WHAT You Want) I Can Help You Achieve Your Vision (HOW To Get It)

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